Hypnosis-Audiobook „Sound Sleep“


Fall asleep easily and sleep all through the night! Let go of negative thoughts and worries and
regenerate in the best possible way during the night!

We need our sleep in order to process the events of the day, to prepare body, mind and soul for the next day and to stay healthy physically and mentally. Chronic sleep deprivation may cause lack of concentration, irritability and fatigue and subsequently psychological stress. This hypnosis-audiobook is intended to support you to fall asleep easily, to get a good night’s sleep every night and to regenerate optimally during the night!

Length: approx. 35  Min.
Music: „Deep Within“ by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio

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Disclaimer: As a matter of principle, the application of our hypnosis audiobooks solely takes place at your own danger and risk. Hypnosis cannot act as a substitute for medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic diagnosis or treatment or for medications required due to illness. No promises of healing of whichever nature are made by V-HYPNOSE.


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